Open construction lab at KinderKunstLabor
St. Pölten, Austria,  2021

In August 2021 we created three abstract rammed earth sculptures in the garden of the future KinderKunstLabor in St.Pölten, Austria, together with children from the adjacent school. The three sculptures are situated slightly offset from each other in a beautiful park, surrounded by greenery.

Even from a distance, “The three" exude an attractive oddity. With their respective positions, they stand in dialogue with each other and span an enclosed space between them. Their heights, corners and surfaces are indefinite invitations to use them: to step on them, a hole to look through, a surface to lie on, sit on or climb over, a stretch to balance, a table to cover. The different surfaces can be felt and the layers of paint examined. Each shift tells about the time spent together on the construction site.